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Safety Support Systems (Patent #4688548)       Price: $49.00

Safety supports are recommended for fireplaces where the rear wall slants forward requiring the fireback to be placed in a forward position. Even where the fireback can lean back against the wall, however, safety supports help prevent the fireback from tipping forward into the fire, which can occur when the fire is stoked. In addition, they raise the fireback for a better view of the design.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

Our unique Safety Support Systems can be installed in minutes; there are no holes to drill, no bolts to tighten. We designed the supports to allow the fireback to be set at any angle against the wall by means of a wedge in the rear slots of each support. There are three styles of Safety Supports: S700 - Large Support will raise the fireback 2.5 in height; S701 - Small Support will raise the fireback 1.5 in height; S702 - Gas Log Support is for a gas burning fireplace and will raise the fireback 2.5 in height. Either the Large Support or the Small Support will hold any fireback in place. If you have room in the fireplace, we recommend the higher support (S700) so you can see more of the design on the fireback.

Although the back wall slants forward, there may be enough depth in your fireplace so the supports can be brought forward several inches from the rear wall so that the fireback can stand straight. The fireback leans forward in this fireplace. If your fireplace is shallow in depth, the fireback in the supports can be pushed up against the back wall and the wedges in the supports maintain its position.

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