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If everything old is new again, then FIREBACKS are sure to be a classic, yet practical addition to America's homes and hearths. They allow the homeowner to dress-up an otherwise ordinary fireplace into a work of art. But more importantly, firebacks provide a great source of protection for the back wall of the fireplace and the supporting studs behind the firewall.

Since 1976, Country Iron Foundry specializes in cast iron firebacks, replicas of the antiques or our own unique original designs. Used in colonial times to protect the bricks and mortar of fireplaces and to help throw valuable heat back into the room, firebacks are enjoying a rebirth and a renewed interest for all colonial, new construction, and pre-fabricated fireplaces. A fireback will eliminate any further damage and make the rear wall of the fireplace safe to use without costly repairs.

MADE IN THE USA, we cast over 36 different styles of firebacks, including colonial, French and original designs. Don't be fooled by the cheaper quality of castings made in China, our alloy of iron is far superior than those made over seas and has stood the test of time!

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